Awards and Media Coverage


Date Award Name Organization Award Details
December 2013 System Integration Award for Technological Achievement The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers; System Integration Texture sensor development and industrialization
December 2013 Innovation Award 2012 The Textile Institute This award, one of the highest honors offered by The Textile Institute, is given to an institution or company that has accomplished a significant achievement in increasing the interest in textiles (textiles and fabrics) internationally through commercial or economic development.
March 2013 Oscar Certificate Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto; Oscar Certificate Review Committee Nano-fiber manufacturing equipment
2011 Good Design Award Japan Institute of Design Promotion HapLog
June 2010 Best Paper Award TRI Princeton For research published by Mr. Hiroto Tanamachi (Kao Corporation Beauty Care Research Center) regarding evaluation of hair dryness and feeling of moistness using FR07 Thermo Labo

Media Coverage

Date Device Name Coverage Details
November 2013 HapLog Featured in the industry’s only daily specialty newspaper, The Chemical Daily, covering industries closely related to the chemical industry
March 2012 HapLog Featured in an NHK WORLD business feature
November 2011 HapLog Featured in World Business Satellite’s “Tre Tama” segment, broadcast through TV TOKYO, TV OSAKA, and other providers
November 2011 HapLog HapLog featured in the Asahi Shimbun, the Tokyo Shimbun, the Chunichi Shimbun, FujiSankei Business i’s SankeiBiz and other productions, Yahoo! News, the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, The Chemical Daily, and Xinhua (www.NEWS.CN)

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