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  • KES-FB1-A Tensile and Shear Tester
  • KES-FB2-A Pure Bending Tester
  • KES-FB3-A Compression Tester
  • KES-FB4-A Surface Tester
  • KES-SE Friction Tester / KES-SESRU Roughness / Friction Tester
  • KES-G5 Compression Tester
  • KES-F7 Thermo Labo
  • KES-F8 Air Permeability Tester
  • KES-FB2-S Pure Bending Tester
  • KES-FB2-SH Single Fiber Bending Tester
  • KES-FB2-L Large Bending Tester
  • SK2000 Hair Diameter Measurement System
  • HapLog Wearable Contact Force Sensor
  • NEU Nanofiber Electrospinning Unit
  • KK01 Scratch Tester
  • KK02,03 Scratch Tester
  • Other
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