HapLog Haptic Skill Logger
Wearable Contact Force Sensor

Kato Tech’s HapLog sensor is a “sensor that measures natural finger operations” with a built-in contact force sensor and a 3-axis acceleration sensor.

This sensor allows for measurement of the force used when grabbing an object and the force used when using an object with your fingers. In addition, thanks to the built-in accelerometer, momentum is also measurable. The sensor doesn’t cover the fingerprint area of the finger pad, so measurement of natural behaviors can be achieved without any loss of tactile sensation.
What is a sensing mechanism?

The sensing mechanism detects the deformation of the finger pad when the finger comes into contact with an object.

When the finger comes into contact with an object, horizontal deformation occurs. By detecting the deformation of the finger pad with a sensor, it is possible to measure the magnitude of the force applied. Pre-calibrating the HapLog sensor prior to measurement corrects individual differences in contact force and finger deformation. In addition, the built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows for simultaneous measurement of finger movement when the sensor is attached.

Joint product development

Shiseido Company, Limited × KATO TECH CO., LTD.

Kato Tech researched and developed the idea of working with Shiseido in the creation of a fingertip sensor. Such a sensor would have an impact on cosmetics and skin care products because these products are applied to the skin. In addition, depending on how force is applied, each person will have a different feeling of use. These differences are impossible to explore through a questionnaire. That led to the development of the HapLog sensor, which allows for operation without any loss of tactile sensation. The HapLog Wearable Contact Force Sensor allows operations from general users to be compared with operations by professionals in order to visually convey the characteristics of an individual's tactile behaviors.

On its technological development introduction website (accessible via the Shiseido homepage), Shiseido has published information on the exciting applications of HapLog in fields other than the cosmetics industry.
Shiseido Pick Up Technology
*Video available.

Shiseido Pick Up Technology
A Good Design Award Product

With the following evaluation, HapLog was awarded a Good Design Award in 2011.

The following are excerpts of judge evaluations.

Haptics is a design area with very delicate sensitivities where it is difficult to share personal experiences with others. The first point evaluated was how the device was designed to be mounted on the fingernail. Mounting the device on the fingerprint area would prevent subtle sensations from the fingertip from being transmitted. This was an important factor in determining the value of this device. I hope that this sensor system ushers in a new era in design.

Source: Good Design Finder

HapLog Haptic Skill Logger
Wearable Contact Force Sensor
The sensor does not cover the pad of the finger, allowing for operation that does not compromise sensation.
The 3-axis accelerometer is able to measure momentum in three different directions.
The device is lightweight and can be worn on the wrist. Despite its small size, HapLog is able to perform sensing from 3 fingers simultaneously.
Calibration is quick. The relationship between variations in finger pads and the force of contact can be corrected through calibration.

To assist in learning or communicating skills, the monitor screen can be switched for each finger in order to visually determine which fingers receive the most force when doing a certain behavior.


Every finger is different, from size to the thickness of the skin. For this reason, calibration of the contact force and deformation amount should be performed before every measurement. The HapLog system is designed so that personal data can be created in as little as 2 to 3 minutes.

HapLog Haptic Skill Logger
Wearable Contact Force Sensor
Components Wearable contact force sensor: 1 (size specified at purchase),
Connection box, Calibration unit, USB cable (2),
Software installation CD, Instruction Manual (CD format), Storage box
Weight 2.5 kg (when in case)
Measurement environment temperature 10 to 50°C (no condensation)
Wearable contact force sensor Size (inside dimension): 11 mm , 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm
Built-in sensor: Contact force detection (strain gauge), 3-axis acceleration sensor
Calibration unit Rated Capacity: 30 N
Resolution: 16 bits
Software Supported OS: Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Recommended CPU: Intel Core II Duo 2.5 GHz or better
Screen resolution: 1024 × 768 (XGA)
Connections: 2 USB ports
Optional Accessories Trigger function
External synchronization function
Wireless function
Analysis software
*Specification details recorded here are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding.
HapLog Haptic Skill Logger
Wearable Contact Force Sensor
[Consumption industry] Ease of opening and closing product packages, ease of mounting and removing products
[Automotive and sports industries] Handle and grip operability
[Medical care and education sectors] Comparative analysis of movements using finger tips, teaching, measurements of effectiveness before and after rehabilitation
[Gaming industry] Development of gaming devices that combine contact force and movement
[Virtual reality] Sensing of fingertip sensations in VR fields

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