Puncture Strength Tester

This testing machine measures the piercing strength required for a needle to penetrate a sample. It is to measure rupture strength by applying force at a right angle, used for testing physical properties of battery separators.

The NDG5 can be used to evaluate the strength of film inside lithium-ion batteries (separators) and to measure the strength required to pierce packaging materials such as food packaging films.

• Specialized needle

Designed with separator measurement in mind (size: 1, 0.5R tip shape)

※The photo shows a needle with a holder. Holder is not included in a single needle purchase.

Measurement Examples

  • Strength evaluation for separators inside lithium-ion batteries
  • Piercing strength evaluation for food packaging films

NDG5_Puncture Strength

Puncture Strength Tester

Obtainable Data

Sample Measurement Software Screens

▲Penetration point
  • Auto Data Processing Unit (optional)

    Connecting this device to the instrument and to a PC allows the waveforms and numerical values of measurement data to be output.
    Obtained data can be saved as BIN data or CSV data.

Puncture Strength Tester
Dimensions/Weight (approx.) Measuring unit: W170 × D220 × H460 (mm) / 13 kg
Electronic unit: W180 × D400 × H400 (mm) / 13 kg
Power source 100 VAC, Max. power consumption: 20 W
Measurement environment temperature and humidity 20 to 30°C / 50 to 70% RH (No condensation.)
Temperature and humidity should be kept constant during measurement.
(Standard temperature and humidity conditions: 20°C / 65% RH)
*The instrument should be located to minimize influence from wind or vibrations.
Load detection Detector: Ring-type detector with differential transformer
Load (full scale): Switchable between 4 ranges (100 gf, 200 gf, 500 gf, 1000 gf)
Accuracy: ±0.5% or less of full scale
Displacement detection Detector: Potentiometer
Displacement quantity: Max. 20 mm
Accuracy: ±0.5% or less of full scale
Needle diameter 1.0mm
Sample diameter after setting the sample 10mm
Displacement rate Standard measurement: 0.02 (mm/sec) < 1 mm/50 sec > High-sensitivity measurement: 0.0067 (mm/sec) < 1 mm/150 sec > Other rates can be specified by settings.
Measuring movement Load control system
Displacement control system
The above 2 systems are switchable
Specimen size(recommended) Dimensions:15mm×15mm(min.)
Specification details recorded here are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding.
Puncture Strength Tester
Piercing strength of packaging films

Film A is more resistant to penetration than Film B (more difficult to tear)

sample A

sample B


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