Hair Diameter Measurement System
The SK2000 Hair Diameter Measurement System provides an accurate understanding of the basic characteristics of a hair’s outer diameter, which can then be used as feedback for other characterization. Although various conventional methods for measuring the outer diameter of hair were available, Kato Tech chose to co-develop the SK2000 with Shiseido Company, Limited in order to provide more precise measurements more quickly.

*Operation is done via touch panel.

Hair Diameter Measurement System
Chuck feature
Both ends of the hair are held by a chuck, which allows measurement to be performed without being influenced by external forces (such as wind).
Both ends are rotated synchronously to prevent the hair from twisting.
Shape analysis
Sensors can be moved along the length of the hair, allowing for easy understanding of the hair’s shape length-wise.
Measurement of outer hair diameter
Data measurement at 360 points (1 degree per measurement point) around the hair’s circumference
2-point data measurement at the largest diameter (peak) and shortest diameter (bottom)
Automatic measurement
Automatic outer diameter measurement is possible at any point along the length of the hair and at specified intervals with an automatic feed mechanism.
Analysis method
Measurement results (data) can be sent to a PC and analyzed as Excel data.
Hair Diameter Measurement System
SK2000 (main unit)
Dimensions/Weight (approx.)
  • W750 (not including protrusions such as handles) × D500 × H500 (mm) / 60 kg
Power source 100 VAC, Max. power consumption: 60 W
Measurement environment temperature and humidity 20 to 30°C / 50 to 70% RH
(No condensation.) Temperature and humidity kept constant during measurement.
(Standard temperature and humidity conditions: 20°C / 65% RH)
*Installation should be in a location with minimal influence from wind or vibrations.
Measurement accuracy Resolution: 0.1 μm
Chuck Pin chuck system (2 pcs, 1 set)
Chuck rotation speed
  • 360-degree measurement mode: 1 rpm
  • P-B mode: 2 rpm
Rotating unit drive Stepping motor
Sensor movement range 0 to 150 mm
Sensor movement pitch 0 to 99 mm (1 mm pitch)
Sensor movement speed Approx. 30 mm/sec
Moving unit drive Stepping motor
Controller Touch panel system
Specimen size (hair)
  • Diameter: ⌀0.05 to ⌀1 mm
  • Length: 50 to 170 mm (overall length of sample)
  • Measured portion: 30 to 150 mm (with 10 mm required on both sides for holding)
SK2000 (sensor)
Sensor and controller KEYENCE LS-7000 Series
SK2000 (data collector)
Programmable logic controller KEYENCE KV-700
Monitoring software KEYENCE KOM+
*Data displayed in Microsoft Excel.
SK2000 (measurement mode)
360-degree mode Measures 360 times per degree
P-B mode Measures max. and min. values once respectively
*Specification details recorded here are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding.
Hair Diameter Measurement System
Calculation Example

Sensor structure

Principles of hair diameter measurement using laser beams
Hair is rotated and measured.

*Currently, LEDs are used instead of lasers.

Hair Diameter Measurement System
Effects of shampoo and treatment
Effects of hair-coloring agents
Effects of hair growth tonics
Artificial hair

*The above evaluations were all made in combination with other evaluation machines.


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