Sampling Service

Whether looking for a deeper understanding of Kato Tech products, confirming the type of data that can be obtained with our products, or looking for material needed for approval documents, we offer free target measurement and testing. Feel free to contact us today!

Sampling Service Overview

Who the service is for Companies, organizations, and the like who are considering purchasing Kato Tech texture measurement devices and instruments
Number of samples Up to 3 items at no charge (Contact us for sampling of more than three items.)
Data returned Measurement data, measurement method, measurement conditions, sample creation method, etc.

Examples of sampling services provided

Client Cosmetics manufacturer
Target Hair
Models used for measuring KES-SE, KES-FB2-SH
Test description Evaluation of hair stiffness and firmness
Client Paper and non-woven fabric manufacturer
Target Tissue paper
Models used for measuring KES-SE, KES-G5, KES-FB2-S
Test description Evaluation of how tissue paper feels to the touch

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