9, Nov, 2018
Presentation of Texture Measurement




Presentation of “Texture Measurement” in Quality Control made

at the 4th China-Japan Hygiene Products Entrepreneurs Joint Meeting!








On 1st November 2018, the 4th China-Japan Hygiene Products Entrepreneurs Joint Meeting was held in Tokyo by Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association (JHPIA) and China National household Paper Industry Association(CNHPIA) .


This meeting’s theme was safety, quality and the environment in regard to hygiene products.


Fortunately, we had obtained the opportunity to make a presentation on “Texture Measurement” in regard to quality control.


Our presenter Ms. Huang of the Sales Department said, “The presentation in front of the prominent representatives, among 231 participants, 127 participant companies from the Chinese and Japanese hygiene products industry, was the most nervous moment in my life. However I wanted to be of service to everyone and overcome my nervousness to give my best performance and I was very glad to be able to present our technics.”


We deeply appreciate obtaining this valuable opportunity. 


We would like to contribute to the growth of the hygiene products industry from point of “Texture Measurement”.


Thank you for your continuous support. 

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