SV-1cAI camera

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AI camera to image “scratch resistance (scratch characteristics) ”. Accurate detection of scratches even with dirt or oil on them. Evaluation of hard-to-see flaws can measure.

“Load-increasing scratch test” standardized in ASTM and ISO* can be performed. AI camera for scratch tester. In addition to scratching with a scratch tester, more accurate testing can be done by imaging the scratch resistance. *ASTM: D7027-05 / ISO: 19252


  • Imaging with AI Using the Photometric Stereo Method

    Our original algorithm solves the problem that only normal AI-based visual inspection alone cannot detect scratches due to dirt and oil on the surface of the object to be evaluated.

  • Accurate visualization of scratches with high-quality algorithms

    Computer-controlled lighting enables more diverse image capture.Imaging of 3D shapes by minimizing the effect of surface textures as much as possible.

  • Easy-to-understand and simple operability

    The pre-shooting setting is only for adjusting the brightness. After that, simply press the REC button. Easy operation without instruction manual. By fine-tuning the parameters of the algorithm, settings specific to each work item can also be made.

  • Captured Image

    Left: SV-1c / Right: Normal shooting

Example of Measurement Samples

  • Glass
  • Resin
  • Film
  • Leather

System Configuration Diagram


Product Name
Scar Vision Viewer
Dimensions (W × D × H) *approx. 370 × 410 × 420 mm
Weight *approx. 14 kg
Power supply 100VAC, power consumption: 1.5A Max
Interface PC (included)
OS Windows 8/10
Sample size 300 × 300 mm (max.)
Camera specifications Interface: USB3.0
Resolution: 5472 × 3648 pixels
Image pickup device: 1" CMOS: IMX183 sensor
Lens specifications Lens size: 57.5 mm
Focal length: 8 mm

This product has been developed in collaboration with RUTILEA, a start-up company from Kyoto University.


We offer free sampling services, "for a deeper understanding of our products", "for confirming the measured data that can be obtained", and "to prepare the data necessary for submission of internal approval documents". Please feel free to contact us.