From the texture testers of creating
"a global standard for texture"
to the custom-made machinery design

Since we proposed the concept of Texture Measurement, Kato Tech has been meeting the customer demands mainly in the textile industry.
Over the past two decades, we have grown as an electronic measuring instruments manufacturer and have connections with over 50 countries in various industries, such as automobile, paper and cosmetics, etc.
Additionally, we are working on the production of custom-made large industrial machinery to satisfy our customers demands and contribute to their various R&D and social development activities.


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What is Texture Measurement That Quantifies Texture?

"Texture" has long been referred to as the material texture and tactile sensation - what people feel when they touch an object. However, it is only a subjective evaluation.
"KES" is technology for quantifying subjective evaluations by using measurement data, which is obtained by reproducing artisans' hand movements and sensitivity when they distinguish the texture.
This technology was jointly developed with Dr. Kawabata of Kyoto University and it has been playing an important role in quality development.

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Texture Testers

  • KES-FB series
  • KES-QM - Warm/Cool Feeling Measurement Tester

HapLog - Wearable Tactile Action Sensor

Dummy Dolls

for Evaluation of Diapers and Hygiene Products

Nanofiber Electrospinning Unit

Product lineup of various texture testers & product development equipments

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We offer free sampling services, "for a deeper understanding of our products", "for confirming the measured data that can be obtained", and "to prepare the data necessary for submission of internal approval documents". Please feel free to contact us.

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