Kato Tech's products and technology are explained in an easy-to-understand manner.
Visitors can actually use and operate the instruments.

Showroom Usage

Various instruments are exhibited including KES-FB series.
We can demonstrate our instrument operation.

Bringing Your Own Sample

Bring your own sample for evaluation.
Suitable instruments are offered to meet your request, such as which tester to use, what kind of evaluation results can be achieved.


Demonstration using the actural instruments are available.
Visitors can operate the testers by themselves.

Development to meet customer request for evaluation

"Request for specific evaluating device"
"Request for change of existing product specification"
We can offer product development for a device with special customer specification.

Showroom Exhibited Products

  • KES-FB1-A Tensile and Shear Tester
  • KES-FB2-L Large bending Tester
  • KES-FB2-A Pure Bending Tester
  • KES-FB2-SH Single Fiber Bending Tester
  • KES-FB3-A Compression Tester
  • KES-YN1-B Large Torsion Tester
  • KES-FB4-A Surface Tester
  • KES-G1SH Tensile Break Strength Tester
  • KES-SE Friction Tester
  • HFT03C Compression Tester
  • KES-SESRU Roughness/Friction Tester
  • FR07 Thermo Labo
  • KES-G5 Compression Tester
  • KK-03 Sctatch Tester
  • KES-F7 Thermo Labo
  • Dummy Dolls
  • KES-F8 Air Permeability Tester
  • Driving Unit for Walking Movement of Dummy Doll

*Nanofiber Electrospinning Unit (NEU) is also displayed at the head office.

Showroom Information

<By Reservation>
36-2 Karato-cho, Nishikujo, Minami-ku,
Kyoto 601-8447 Japan
*two minutes walk from the head office

Head Office, Sales Section
Phone: +81-75-693-1660