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President's Message

President and CEO

Kato Tech Co., Ltd.
President and CEO

Atsuko Sakai

"People" are the Greatest Treasure

A company is its people.
I will seek growth with our employee, be happy with them and make our company be loved over 50 and 100 years.
I love people, and hope to be a beloved person.
May our company be the same.
Everything begins with "thankful heart".
It is my principle.

Corporate Philosophy

We shall develop and manufacture instruments with a strong will as a pioneer in knowledge intensive industry, and we shall contribute our effort to various R&D and social development activities.

Principles of Conduct

  • 1. We shall provide high-quality products that are trusted by customers and society.
  • 2. All products and their accessories that we manufacture shall be the latest systems without any defects and will be customer-oriented.
  • 3. We shall clarify and ensure the sustainable implementation of our quality control surveillance system.
  • 4. Employees will report and consult with customers over any problems and difficulties at the earliest for resolution.