Privacy Policy

KATO TECH CO., LTD. (hereafter "the Company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. Based on the following guidelines, the Company is dedicated to the protection and proper handling of information. In addition, the Company assumes that visitors to this website understand and agree to the terms of the following Privacy Policy.

Initiatives Regarding Handling of Personal Information

The Company's rules and regulations regarding the handling of personal information are clearly stated and distributed to employees. Moreover, an organizational structure that includes a Personal Information Protection Administrator is established, and safety control measures concerning personal information are thoroughly implemented in order to prevent the loss, falsification, leaking, and other mishandling of personal information.

In the event that the Company decides to entrust business to a third party, contractors are required to enter into a contract that includes instructions on the proper handling of personal information, and strict supervision is conducted based on the KATO TECH CO., LTD. Outsourcing Management Regulations.

In compliance with the laws and regulations, including the Privacy Protection Law, the Company takes the required measures concerning the personal information it possesses.

Collection of Personal Information

In the event that collection of personal information is requested, the Company will clearly state in advance the requested information and the purpose of the collection, and only after having obtained consent will any information be collected. In addition, personal information will be handled only within the scope of the consented purpose.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information will be used for the following purposes.

  • ・To convey service and product information to users more accurately
  • ・To help with identification when users begin using the Company's services
  • ・To improve the Company website for greater satisfaction
  • ・To perform analyses in order to improve services
  • ・To contact users with answers or information in response to inquiries, etc.

Provisions to Third Parties

Personal information will not be provided to third parties except in cases that fall under any of the following instances.

  • ・If entrusting a third party to carry out an intended business
  • ・If user consent has been obtained
  • ・If there is a reasonable provision request based on applicable laws and regulations
  • ・In other instances where collection is recognized as acceptable without consent pursuant to the provisions of each item in Article 23, Paragraph 1, of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

Requests for Disclosure, Correction, or Termination

Contact the company regarding disclosure, correction, removal, or suspension of use of personal information maintained by the Company. Upon proper identification, we will respond in good faith to any submitted request.

With respect to the laws, regulations, guidelines, and other rules that apply to personal information it maintains, the Company will appropriately review the initiatives in the above provisions and make improvements as needed. Please note that any changes to the Privacy Policy will be announced to users and promptly published on this website.