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Event “Our SDGs 2023: Toward Circularity in Textile Products”

Our SDGs 2023: Toward Circularity in Textile Products Date: Aug. 23(Wed), Aug. 29(Tue)-Sep. 4(Mon), 2023 Venue: The Museum of Kyoto1st Floor Annex (8/23), Namba Marui 1st Floor Event Space (8/29 - 9/4)

A collaboration between university students and researchers in Kansai, known as Team “en we cle,” is aiming to reduce the environmental impact arising from the disposal of textile products. They will be hosting a special lecture, a fashion show featuring upcycled products made from textile waste, exhibition and sale, talks, and workshops.

On September 1st (Friday), KATO Tech will be joining hands with Kyoto Koka Women’s University to present a talk and showcase the upcycled products created through our collaboration. During the event, we will also have a corporate exhibition.

Event Overview:
Part 1: Special Lecture and Fashion Show with Upcycled Textile Waste Products
Date: August 23 (Wednesday)
Location: Kyoto Culture Museum Annex
Time: 14:30 – 17:30
Pre-registration required. Limited spots available. Registration closes upon reaching capacity.

Part 2: Exhibition and Sale of Upcycled Products from Textile Waste, Talks, and Workshops
Date: August 29 (Tuesday) – September 4 (Monday)
Location: Namba Marui 1st Floor Event Space
Time: 11:00 – 20:00
Open to all visitors.

Event Flyer:

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