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Event Report – “Our SDGs 2023: Towards Circularity in Textile Products”

An event organized by the team “en we cle,” a collaboration between Kansai-based university students and researchers, took place from August 29th (Tuesday) to September 4th (Monday) at Namba Marui. The event aimed at reducing environmental impact arising from the disposal of textile products.
During the event, there were insightful talk shows by various companies on the subject of SDGs, as well as exhibitions and sales of upcycled products.
Mr. Takuya Sakai, Director at Kato Tech, conducted a talk show titled “Upcycling Kimonos into Uniforms – Towards ITMA Exhibition” where he presented upcycled uniform products worn at the ITMA exhibition in Italy.
We were delighted to welcome numerous attendees on the day, and their interest in our efforts to address environmental issues was greatly appreciated.

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