KK01Scratch Tester

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  • KK01 Scratch Tester
  • KK01 Scratch Tester
  • KK01 Scratch Tester
  • KK01 Scratch Tester

The KK01 Scratch Tester uses a rigid pin to scratch such targets as film, plastic, automotive interior and exterior material, and coating material to evaluate the target’s scratch resistance (scratch characteristics).
*conforming to ASTM: D7027-05 and ISO: 19252

Standardized increased load scratch testing can be conducted in accordance with ASTM and ISO guidelines.
This testing allows for the utilization of coating material research and flaw occurrence mechanism analysis, enabling quantitative assessment of scratch characteristics.

• KK01: Configurable load 1 to 200 N


  • Calculation of scratch coefficient of friction

    This device is capable of calculating scratch coefficient of friction, a physical quantity directly related to surface damage.

  • Teaching function

    This feature can be used to perform initial configured testing and ultimate load indentation testing. Performing these tests prior to actual testing allows the load range to be set quickly.

  • Suspension function

    Even for samples with an uneven surface that make scratch evaluation difficult, such as textured surfaces, this feature makes testing possible without compromising linear load increase capabilities.

  • Tip lineup

    To handle a wide variety of evaluations with varying types of damage (gloss scratches, scaling, cutting damage, etc.), Kato Tech offers a variety of tips in addition to the standard ⌀1mm tip. Kato Tech also offers tip customization to fit customer testing requirements.

  • SV-1c AI camera (optional)

    AI camera to image “scratch resistance (scratch characteristics) ”. Accurate detection of scratches even with dirt or oil on them. Evaluation of hard-to-see flaws can measure. In addition to scratching with a scratch tester, more accurate testing can be done by imaging the scratch resistance.

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Example of Measurement Samples

  • Resin (Plastic)
  • Coating
  • Wood
  • Film

System Configuration Diagram


Product Name
Scratch Tester
Dimensions (W × D × H) *approx. 965 × 530 × 690 mm
Weight *approx. 150 kg
Power supply, Frequency 100VAC, 50/60Hz
Interface PC (included)
OS Windows 7/8/10
Sample size 200 × 420 mm (max.)
Thickness: 5 mm (max.)
*Configurable load 1 to 200 N