SK2000Hair Diameter Measurement Unit

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  • SK2000 Hair Diameter Measurement Unit
  • SK2000 Hair Diameter Measurement Unit
  • SK2000 Hair Diameter Measurement Unit
  • SK2000 Hair Diameter Measurement Unit

The SK2000 Hair Diameter Measurement Unit provides an accurate understanding of the basic characteristics of a hair’s outer diameter, which can then be used as feedback for other characterization.
This product was jointly developed by Shiseido Company and Kato Tech.
*Operation is done via touch panel.


  • Chuck feature

    Both ends of the hair are held by a chuck, which allows measurement to be performed without being influenced by external forces (such as wind).
    Both ends are rotated synchronously to prevent the hair from twisting.

  • Shape analysis

    Sensors can be moved along the length of the hair, allowing for easy understanding of the hair’s shape length-wise.

  • Measurement of outer hair diameter

    Data measurement at 360 points (1 degree per measurement point) around the hair’s circumference
    2-point data measurement at the largest diameter (peak) and shortest diameter (bottom)

Example of Measurement Samples

  • Paper
  • Hair

System Configuration Diagram


Product Name
Hair Diameter Measurement Unit
Dimensions (W × D × H) *approx. Measuring unit: 650 × 425 × 435 mm
(Excluding any protuberance)
Weight *approx. Measuring unit: 60 kg
Power supply, Frequency 100VAC, 50/60Hz
Interface PC (optional) *1 *2
OS Windows 7/8/10
Sample size Diameter: ⌀0.05 to ⌀1 mm
Length: 50 to 170 mm (10 mm of both ends for grasping are included)
Measurement part: 30 to 150 mm
*1 PC is not included. We are able to prepare for PC with an appropriate specification.
*2 PC connection is necessary.